About A/AD-NFT
Artist Approved NFT

Examples of Artist Approved NFTs would be paintings, sculptures, photography, literature, and calligraphy. A-NFTs can only been minted exclusively on the MPWR trading platform and contain the IP and copyright permissions built into the smart contract, thereby allowing the owner of the token to fully utilize the creative data such as commercialization. The token also protects the artist’s rights by allowing him/her to reap the capital gains at 14%. A patented verification system will be applied to verify the physical assets’ authenticity, while the escrow process on the blockchain ensures validity from one end to another. 

Artist Approved Digital NFT

Examples of Artist Approved Digital NFT include music and audio, film, and video as well as digital archives. AD-NFTs are similar to the traditional NFTs currently available in the market as they are purely digital assets, with no corresponding physical assets.

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