With live interactive Notifications ALERTING when the following activities occur:
You can create (MINTING) 2 types
What is MPWR?

MPWR space allows Creatives to tokenize physical/digital work and transact
it in an easy, secure, and speedy process that allows maximum exposure
to the market through the space’s BAS (blockchain announcement system),
featured in the” “Marketplace” announcing every mint as it occurs
on a feed system to wallet holders.

The Artist approved NFT’s strength is that it possesses the Artworks
IP and rights of usage in the smart contract, allowing collectors
the ability to capitalize on their investments commercially or otherwise.
The Artist Approved NFT’s allows the creator wallet to capitalize by receiving
a 14% fee on all capital gains from any future sales.

MPWR has created a seamless 3 STEP process in tokenizing your Artwork

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