Space - MPWR and the fastest piece of art in human history on a mission to save the lungs of the world
Our Vision and Mission moving to a better future with the world’s lightest and most innovative small satellite, helping to combat climate change and bringing some of the most scenic and artistic images of earth from space to humankind.
The MPRWR-SAT1 satellite is launching on 10.09.2021 into space and it is just our first mission.
Satellite on a trajectory to protect earth
MPWR-SAT1 will be on a constant mission to conserve the environment. It will do so by performing planned orbital passes that cover the lungs of the world in the Amazon and African Basin.
Collect data and report
Our satellite will focus on major critical issues that are elemental in protecting the forest. It will do so by recording and collecting data which is instantly made publicly visible to the world.
Tree cutting

Our rainforests, which are elementary important to the survival of this planet, are on the brink of irreversible destruction caused by illegal tree cutting.

Temperature changes

Fires are ravaging our forests all over the world. Whether that being in California, Australia, Greece, or any other country, with constant and instant information exchange some of these scenarios could have been prevented.

Unusual Activities

We will track and report unusual activities. These can be movement of large machinery, groups of people poaching animals, and others.


A build in push notification system allows for immediate action by our community, government departments and world organizations. They are instantly shareable and call for petitions which are secured on smart contracts.

Hand-painted by the revolutionary artist and entrepreneur Abdullah Qandeel, MPWR-SAT-1 will not only shake the present intersection between space technology, art, climate change, and innovation, but also prove the concept of the world’s lightest and most innovative small satellite

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